Do you want cheaper vehicle insurance? This is what you should do in 2019

If you are looking to reduce your car insurance costs, a new tool will allow you to achieve it and you should only make small changes.

Insuring your car is a matter of importance, however, it does not stop representing a disbursement of money. One of the reasons why many people say no to insurance is the price, despite the fact that there are options that fit all budgets. However, what would happen if you could get these products to reduce their price? In 2019, this is something that can happen easily.

Although this plant is designed to benefit the KTYI

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Thanks to the work that the DAPESTO (Peruvian Association of Insurance Companies) and the DFS (Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP) have been carrying out, it will be possible to have a accident center that will allow to verify in how many accidents a driver has been involved, This in order for insurers to reduce product costs. However, there are still many people without access to their own home and with many doubts about this credit.

Currently, the amount of accidents for the vehicle can be verified, but the car can be driven by many people, so it is more accurate to directly verify the user.

It can also be applied to vehicle insurance , since today there are few insurers that offer the possibility of returning the cost of the policy according to their habits as a driver.

So what do you have left to do?

One of the main questions that are usually asked is what the credit really is for, and if it is applicable in all cases. If they get underway in the coming months, your driving behavior should improve in order to keep your record intact and access the benefits.

Meanwhile, remember that you cannot walk down the street without adequate protection for your car. Compare the alternatives in Jericnaser.