Learn to get out of your bank, so you cancel your debt

Has it happened to you?: Do you want to totally detach yourself from a bank to which you owe money, but you can’t do it? Your debts do not let you save and your personal finances become chaos, right? In this note I show you how to get out of your bank by canceling your debt. Yes you can!

Don’t keep using them


If you have debts with a bank for credit cards, it is best that you stop using them. This will cause you to focus only on paying what you already owe and do not increase the payment.

Also avoid falling into the temptation of the cash provision to pay off your card debts and the interest is more than 100%: it will only be one more headache!

Advance payments whenever you can

Advance payments whenever you can

At this time of the year, when you receive the bonus or bonus , you can take advantage of: o cancel your debt, amortize it or advance payments .

Minimum amount? Pay the monthly fee!

Paying the minimum amount is a trap to tie you more with the bank. And is that when you pay the minimum amount you are paying more money for commissions, expenses and interests than for your debt itself, so it does not decrease. Thus, a debt that you might well pay in a year can extend to 5, 10 or more years. Go figure!

Opt for debt purchase

Opt for debt purchase

Another way to get out of a bank is through debt consolidation . For this or a bank calls you to offer to buy your debt, or you can approach to request this procedure. One of the advantages of buying debt is that you can choose a bank that charges you less interest and commissions than you currently pay: Compare well to choose the best one!

Here are some tips to pay off your debts and get away from that bank that torments you month by month. What other advice do you leave us?